Vision 2014 focused on Diabetes and High Blood Pressure screening and management

In June 2014 a group of 17, including nursing students from Drexel University and professional staff from SouthEast Lancaster Health Center, along with staff from OutreachPARAGUAY traveled to Paraguay and were able to:

• Provide Diabetes Screening for 200+ community members in rural areas
• Provide Hypertension Screening for 200+ community members in rural areas
• Educate patients, community members, and nursing and medical staff on the management of Diabetes and Hypertension
• Provide Diabetes lectures to Paraguayan university nursing students

Throughout the year, thanks to the donations and support of friends and family, we were able to:

• Donate medical supplies, medicines, and educational materials to local health post facilities and staff
• Donate 800+ pounds of used clothing, shoes, sports gear, and household items
• Donate new and used books and a monetary donation to a rural school library
• Assist a young mother to obtain emergency surgical treatment for a cardiac condition

OutreachPARAGUAY was awarded the 2014 UPCEA Award for Excellence in Partnership along with Drexel University On-Line Nursing Program and Southeast Lancaster Health Services. Plans for Vision 2015 are under way. In 2015 we will continue to focus on Diabetes and Hypertension awareness and management. The financial and personal burden of these chronic illnesses on an individual, community, and country is tremendous, more strikingly in a resource poor country. During our most recent trip in June 2014 we encountered many patients without the means to obtain needed medications, including insulin, glucose test machines or any diagnostic testing.  Throughout the year we will continue to ship needed supplies and clothing. Paraguayan community leaders, educators, and nursing and medical staff are working with us to plan for appropriate and sustainable outreach and collaboration.  

We are grateful for the friendships we have formed and the generosity of the Paraguayan people.  The value of the cultural exchange is beyond measure.

Vision 2015 preparations are well underway and will again focus on Diabetes and Hypertension 
Awareness and Management. Stay tuned!