JUNE 2016

Our annual trip to Paraguay took place June 9-22, 2016.  Thanks to the generous donations we received throughout the year we were able to provide increased support to more vulnerable communities in Paraguay.  In the months leading up to the trip we shipped over 1,500 pounds of materials and we took with us an additional 17 pieces of luggage filled with donations.

Donations included:

·         Medications used in the treatment of Diabetes and High Blood Pressure (20,000 doses)

·         Over-the-counter medications

·         Medical supplies and health education materials

·         400+ toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss

·         New and gently used clothing

·         New and gently used soccer uniforms and soccer gear

·         Spanish-language children’s books for school libraries

·         School teaching tools

·         Painting supplies

·         Household items

During our stay in Paraguay, in collaboration with our host-country colleagues, community members, and friends, we were able to:

·         paint and repair 6 hospital rooms,

·         provide Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Screening and Educational Programs in a Regional Hospital and 3 remote communities, and

·         provide school-age educational programs on Dental Hygiene and the Importance of Handwashing.

Our Paraguayan hosts were more than generous with their time and expertise and happily shared with us the riches of their culture and land.  We cannot understate the importance and appreciation of the professional, personal, and cultural exchange that took place.  Our efforts continue!