June 2018

June 8-22, 2018 Directors of OutreachPARAGUAY, along with Public Health students from Austin College and Medical University of South Carolina, traveled to Paraguay where they engaged in service-learning projects. They also had the opportunity to spend time with local community members and experience life in rural Paraguay.  While in Paraguay we were able to further distribute donations shipped throughout the year including:

--donations of clothing and soccer gear to local communities

--donations of medications and medical equipment to a local hospital and rural health posts

--donations of over 1,000 toothbrushes and toothpaste to school age children

---donations of health education materials

We were also able to:

--donate a photocopier and school supplies to a rural school

--equip a mobile health clinic with a dental compressor, EKG machine, nebulizer, 2 pulse oximeters, 2 air conditioners for procedure areas

--donate books to rural school libraries

--repair windows in rural school

We travel to Paraguay once a year but our work is year round thanks to the continued support of friends and community members here at home! Those who travel to Paraguay cover 100% of their own costs.